How To Find The Best Dog Beds For Your Four-Legged Friends

Pampering your dog is something every owner should do. After all, they give you their undivided attention and unconditional love, so showering them with love and treats is the least you could go. Dogs deserve it for the amount of joy and happiness they bring into our lives, and without them, things wouldn’t be the same. This is why you have to do everything in your power to care for and comfort them, including getting them a bed. Dog beds are extremely important because they provide your furry friend with a shelter and a safe place where they could rest, but how exactly do you find the best one for your dog?


Considering the weather

One of the most important functions that a dog bed serves is protecting your dog from harsh weather conditions. If it’s cold outside, the bed will engulf them and give them the necessary warmth, not to mention save the dog from having to sleep on the cold floor. It will also protect your furry friend if the weather gets too hot. This is why you have to consider the weather in the area in which you’re living. How cold or hot does it get? Do I need to purchase a lined bed to provide warmth or will that make my dog feel much hotter? These are the questions you need to ask yourself at first.


Dog’s special needs

Another reason why dog beds are very important is the fact that they provide them with health benefits like protecting their bones and joints, which get more fragile and weaker as they age. So, you should always take your own dog’s particular needs into consideration may they be small, medium or large. You have to get the best dog beds for large dogs like German Shepherds and Great Danes, that requires a certain grade foam as well as box-spring construction to protect their joints from any potential strain. Some dogs get cold really quickly, and they’d need heated beds –– the same also helps for dogs who have arthritis which can be really exacerbated by the cold. Whatever it is, you should check with your vet first to see if they have any recommendations for special beds that your dog might need for certain health conditions.



You have to really pay attention to the bed’s durability. The last thing you want is to get a new bed every couple of months, which is not only costly for you, but also really bad for your dog’s psyche. Dog’s love familiarity, and their own beds provide them with that sense of the known which is quite reassuring. If you keep changing their beds because of bad quality, they will probably get very anxious and tense because they easily get attached to their belongings. So, always look for high quality beds that are made of excellent materials that can survive all your dog’s activity and last long enough with them. You can actually find some really good ones that would last for the duration of your dog’s lifetime.


Your dog’s sleeping positions

You’ll actually need to observe your dog’s sleeping positions because they will make a difference in the kind of bed you’ll eventually get. Dogs that tend so stretch their entire bodies completely while asleep will need a bigger bed, while those that cuddle up on themselves will need beds with a side to lean on. It’s these small details that really matter in getting just the right product for your dog that would make them comfortable.


Added features

Since your dog will be spending a lot of time in that bed –– they tend to sleep a lot –– you should definitely look for added features that would even make them more at ease. For example, some dog beds can be folded so you could carry them along if you’re travelling –– which is really important for your dog’s sense of security in a new place. Others come with cooling pads if their bodies tend to heat up while sleeping –– which you’ll have to observe when they’re napping. These features and others certainly add to the appeal of the bed and the level of comfort your best friend will get, and you want the best for them, so look for those added features.


These factors will help you figure out just what the best dog bed for your furry friend is, but it might not work eventually. Your dog might not grow to like its new bed, and it is important that you be patient with them. If they don’t like it, return the bed and get another. Just stay with it until you find the best possible choice.




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