Finding The Perfect Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

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Not every woman wants the same diamond engagement ring as everyone else. Your love is unique and individual and her ring should reflect her one of a kind qualities. Just because you are getting engaged doesn’t mean that you have to follow tradition. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and find the perfect ring for your perfect woman.

Your love story is different from every other that has ever been. Finding a ring that can be a part of your journey and a special chapter in your story can mean so much. You may even start a new tradition for your future family to share for generations.

If you are looking for something unique you can get started by looking for dealers that can find gemstones to add to your ring design. From colored diamonds to brilliant gems, there is no limit to the beautiful and one of a kind ring designs that you can create. Take a look at a few of the non-traditional engagement ring ideas that might be right for you.

Heirloom Jewelry

If you have an antique piece of jewelry that may have been handed down through the generations, it could make a wonderful engagement ring. There is no better or more sentimental way to welcome your intended into your family than presenting her with a ring that has been worn by your ancestors.

Although you can save a bundle by using an heirloom ring for your engagement there are still plenty of ways to update the piece. Start by having it repaired, cleaned and appraised by a professional jeweller. You can have nearly any ring sized up or down so that it will fit its new owner perfectly. You can even refresh the design by updating the plating or adding accent stones.


The popularity of the “Princess Diana” ring made a huge statement in the engagement ring industry. It was no longer just white diamonds that were the standard, but stunning gemstones and diamond combinations that became popular very quickly.

You can save a bit of money by investing in a main stone that is something other than a diamond. Choose a stunning sapphire, ruby or colored diamond and add sparkling accents to make a unique statement.

Custom Design

The isn’t a woman on the planet that wants to see her exact ring on the finger of one of her girlfriends or coworkers. If you really want to present your intended with something unique, you can try working with a jeweller to design your own ring. Choose the metal, the stones and the pattern to create something that no one else could ever have. This is a great way to choose stones from the wholesalers and save some money.


In recent years, as social attitudes have changed towards tattoos, many couples have chosen to make their wedding bands a permanent tattoo. This style is not for everyone, and the placement can be an uncomfortable spot to get inked, but it is a true statement of your love and commitment. This can also be a great option for anyone that cannot wear a traditional ring because of their profession.

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