Fashion Don’ts for Every Man

While men’s fashion may seem quite straightforward and simple, every changing trends and endless options result in some men simply missing the point altogether. Even though it is understandable that you may want to stand out from the crowd by opting for unique fashion items, making a bold fashion statement can be a lot harder than it would seem. Rather than drawing attention for all the wrong reasons, you should make an active effort of avoiding the following fashion don’ts.

Large Sizes

While some women make the fashion blunder of wearing sizes that are simply too small and restricting, countless men make the fundamental fashion mistake of wearing sizes that are notably too large. Whether you are sporting printed long sleeve t shirts or showcasing a formal collar shirt, the fit will determine your overall look. You should opt for fits that suit your body shape by complimenting your strong points and camouflaging elements of your body that you may not want to flaunt. Rather than opting for excessively large t-shirt sizes, the right fit can transform your look instantaneously. Regardless of your clothing choices, the fit is a fundamental fashion rule that will make or break any outfit.

Age Appropriate Trends

There are several trends that are simply not appropriate for older generation men and the same can be said about women’s fashion. If you are a more distinguished gentleman, it may be time to throw out your ripped jeans and groovy t-shirts and opt for timeless trends such as chinos and dress shoes. You will be able to find countless charming styles for older men that won’t have you looking years older as these styles are most appropriate. Opting for fashion trends suitable for younger men will, unfortunately, add to your notable age and result in subtle comments and potential embarrassment.

The Right Bags For Men

There really is no denying that man bags are not the best creation the fashion world has offered men. Even though you may need to carry essentials, you should avoid bum bags and man bags unless you are after a street cred appeal. The best bags for men to carry are laptop bags, briefcases, weekender bags, and backpacks. You will be able to keep your essentials safe with a backpack that compliments your general sense of style.

Mixing Patterns And Prints

Mixing varying patterns and prints in one outfit is not impossible to pull off, although the risks are just not worth it at all. Rather than overdoing your outfit choices by attempting to make them as bold as possible, you should stick to one pattern per outfit or one pattern per outfit. You won’t want to be seen as an individual who must have dressed in the dark, which is why simplicity is usually the best approach when dressing for any event. Bright and bold colours should also be kept to a minimum as too many varying colours will clash and create a messy and chaotic look.

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