6 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitation


Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, and they should always reflect your love story. You might want to insert a personal detail or two into your wedding stuff, such as your bouquet or your cufflinks, but the ideas don’t stop there. One thing you might want to personalize for your wedding is your invitation. If you want to do add a few personal touches to your invites, you can definitely do so!


Here are six excellent ways to create the wedding invitation of your dreams:

Use Monograms

Monograms of you and your partner’s initials can make your invitation very personal. You can make it as fancy or as simple as you want, and you can place it anywhere on your invitation.


The best thing about monograms is that you can still use it even after the wedding. You can incorporate it not just on your wedding invitations, but also on decor, letterheads, and more. You can have them printed on stamps here so you can use them on stationeries. The possibilities simply don’t end with wedding stuff, so it can be a very nice investment.


Use your own handwriting

Another excellent idea is to handwrite the text of your invitation, have it scanned, and print it out. There are many wedding fonts to choose from, but your very own handwriting will make it more personal. It will feel relaxed, and your guests will appreciate the hard work that goes into it.

Use unique wordings

Traditionally, wedding invitations use the “couple’s parents request the honor of your presence” format. While this is a very nice way to start your invitation, you can make it more personal by using different words or quotes. You may have favorite love quotes or a personal joke or quote that has stuck with you as a couple for many years. These little anecdotes will make your invitations personal, and your guests will surely love knowing more about you and your partner.

Use your Favorite Place

You can also use the place you live or where you’re getting married as an inspiration to your wedding invitation. You can use motifs, or the state bird or flower, or iconic architecture to design the invitation. Just tell your designer what you want, and he’ll surely assist you with it.

Whimsical Maps

A map with directions to your venue is helpful, but to make it more special, you can add a few details to it. You can include the spot where he proposed, your favorite parks and restaurants, or any memorable place, especially if they’re nearby enough to be placed on the same map.

Add your photos

Nothing makes the invitations more personal than photos of the happy couple. If you think the photos won’t match the formality of your wedding invitations, you might want to try silhouettes.


Your wedding invitations don’t have to look like traditional ones: you can have them custom-made to be more “you”. Don’t hesitate to add personal details. Enjoy the process of customizing them, and look forward to the compliments you’ll receive on your big day!



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