Fantastic Faces Series by Charlotte Love

Charlotte Love is a stylist and prop maker from London. Although she works with world-wide brands, she is very popular with her “Faces” series on Instagram. She obseves the world and the things around her through an extraordinary perspective and creates surprising compositions out of simple objects. In one of her interviews, she explains her artwork as follows; “I have a pretty vivid imagination so I often see things differently than they actually appear. The “faces” started from sticking googly eyes on pretty much anything and everything around the house. I can get a little bored working at home all day so I need ways to entertain myself and take breaks. I also like to give myself small projects on the weekends, so I started walking around the supermarket and finding items that would make good faces.” She gets inspired by her daily life; “A simple trip on the bus means I can sit, look out the window and watch as I pass all the shop displays, colorful fruit stands, and nicely dressed people.” We enjoy every piece of this series and we are sure you will also love Charlotte’s playful feed and start following her today!

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