Extremely Fun Daily Life Doodles by Maëlle Rajoelisolo

Maëlle Rajoelisolo is a young illustrator based in Paris, France. She was graduated from the ECV in 2013 and has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator since then. She loves doodling about her daily life especially her moods and posting them on her Instagram feed. “Most of the time, I like to eat and smile too much. My favorite materials to draw with are my tablet, color pencils and ink markers”, she says in her bio. Her illustrations reflect our mutual feelings no matter which part of the world we live in. Morning routines, coffee addiction, depression, holidays are just some of the themes she sketches on. You will surely find something of yourself looking through Maëlle’s doodles and they will definitely make your day. As Gina Mei from Hellogiggles comments about talented artist’s work; “If we had to pick one adjective to describe Maëlle Rajoelisolo’s art, it would be happy-making.” You can see some of her amazing daily life doodles below. Enjoy!

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