6 Ways to Look Stylish During Pregnancy

Maintaining your favorite styles over the bump won’t be hard, but it will take a little planning. Keep an eye on color; if you love pastels, treat yourself to something pretty and pink to brighten your skin tone. Keep an eye out for tops and dresses that flatter and will give you space to move.

Maxi Dresses

One of the nicest things about a maxi dress is that you have space to layer up underneath. Some of the best maternity clothes are the ones that let you add a camisole, a tank, or leggings under a long dress or caftan so you can adjust for the weather. You can actually find these types of dresses on Dressbarn. If you’re planning to check them out, be sure to head over to their website as they are now only open online.

Long Jackets

Over that maxi dress, consider adding a long or oversized jacket to give you some arm coverage and keep you from getting chilled. Even better, a long or oversized men’s sport coat can add structure and shape to your outfit. Pair a simple black maxi dress with a herringbone men’s jacket and a purple scarf to stay warm, classy and feminine.

Kimono Styling

Long, flowing jackets in a kimono style give you all the color and pattern options of the Japanese silk kimono with the comfort of a robe. A simple silk kimono jacket with a basic string tie can be dressed up with a pretty necklace or relaxed over a stretchy jumpsuit.


There are pregnancy jumpsuits in a wide array of colors, lengths and styles. If you’re struggling to stay cool, a capri jumpsuit with short or no sleeves and a men’s style shirt can keep you cool, covered and comfy. Many of these stretchy items are simple to keep in good shape with a gentle wash on cold, then dry them for just long enough to get the majority of the moisture out before you hang them up to prevent wrinkling. Next time you need to be out and about, the jumpsuit is ready to go.

Wrap Dresses

Your body is working hard to protect and feed your little one, so keep things simple and pretty with a stretchy wrap dress! Keeping things simple as far as you color choices will help you feel a bit more sleek as you expand, and a soft stretchy fabric will keep you comfortable.

Pajama Tops

If you’re just looking to stay comfy and enjoy a bit of coverage, pair simple tops and stretch pants with fun pajama tops. A pretty silk pajama top will go from grocery to office to a zoom lunch with friends or a nice meal with your spouse. Check out Etsy for embroidered items that will allow you to enjoy a one of a kind outfit.

Be kind to your body and your spirit. If you like a garment because it makes you feel wonderful while you can stay comfortable, buy at least two. Keep things stretchy and soft. Cover when you need to, and don’t be afraid of men’s styling features when you want a little structure.