Edwina Robertson Fights Drought with Powerful Art

Photography by itself is a wonderful thing, but when you can help some people through that form of art and even save lives, that is a dream come true for any photographer out there. Edwina Robertson, photographer from Australia had that privilege. She was asked to shoot a wedding in Blackall, West Queensland in early September, and what she saw there was really heartbreaking. The drought truly tore that countryside apart, and after the amazing series of photographs, Edwina decided to use her skill to help those people in their time of need. On September 21, she posted a powerful photo of bride Ingrid, groom Ross, and their wedding party posing on dusty, dry farmland. The photographer wrote, “I am only an individual and I can’t do much. But I can do a little,” and pledged to donate $3 for each time the image was shared on Facebook within a 24-hour period. Unexpectedly, the photo went viral and was shared 4,974 times in 24 hours. Robertson, who hadn’t anticipated so much online attention, honored her pledge by rounding up and donating an even $15,000 to the charity. “I put it out there, it went a bit crazy, but I wanted to be a woman of my word, and it’s for a fantastic cause,” said Robertson. We really hope you get inspired to help someone in need when you see Edwina’s fantastic work bellow.


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