Easy Ways to Create Mood Lighting in Your Dining Room

For many people, the dining room is more than just a space to have the family dinner. It can be the center for an exclusive dinner party, the meeting point for a party, or it is simply the place where children do homework and you prepare your accounts.

The problem is that each of these settings has different lighting requirements. You need to know how to create the right mood, from subdued romantic eating lighting to bright study lighting.

Before you dive into changing your lighting it is important to remember that electricity is dangerous. If you’re not a confident DIYer then you should speak to a reputable electrician Sydney. They won’t just do the work for you, they can also make suggestions, offer advice, and make sure your system is compliant with regulations.

The Dimmer Switch

Providing your existing lighting circuit and fixtures are capable of accommodating a dimmer then this is the easiest way to adjust the lighting in your dining room according to the event and the required mood.

A dimmer switch can simply replace your existing switch and allows you to have your lights bright or subdued, all you have to do is turn it.

Add Directional Lighting

If the dimmer switch is not an option or you don’t like the existing lighting you should consider adding directional lights.

These are generally spotlights on strips. You can have more than one in the room and direct the lights toward different areas. It is even possible to have them controlled by different switches.

For example, one strip can point toward the walls, highlighting key features or artwork but still providing light across the table. This is great for creating a dinner setting. The other set can provide directional light on the table, perfect for working at the table or perhaps illuminating a buffet.

You can always have both sets on but you do need to verify the power on each circuit and ensure your existing lighting circuit can handle it.

Floor Lamps

A very simple way of changing the lighting in your dining room is to add floor lamps. These can create bright spots and draw focus, allowing you to create the right ambiance depending on the event.

They are also effective at integrating with your décor as you can choose ones that go with your existing designs.

It is possible to complement the floor lamps with table lamps. These are safer than candles but can create a similar effect at your table. Just remember that guests don’t want to be staring at a bright table light when trying to talk to each other.

Wall lamps

A final option is to add wall lamps. This will require some additional electrical wiring by your electrician but is a great way of highlighting specific features.

Again, these should be on different switches to the main light, allowing you to set the brightness and ambiance, depending on the event.

There are no limits as to what is possible in your dining room, you simply need to take a few moments to consider what type of lighting suits your needs best.