Top Locations to Take Graduation Photos


All college and university students look forward to their graduation. During four or even five years, they diligently attend classes, don’t sleep at night because of numerous assignments, participate in extracurricular activities, and enjoy their lives. Despite the existence and popularity of academic writing services, such as SuperbPaper, being a student is still a challenge. That’s why all people pay great attention to their graduation and want to make this day unforgettable.

No matter how hard we may try to remember a particular moment, human memory isn’t endless. New events gradually displace old memories, so the best way to capture moments is to take photos. Fortunately, modern people have smartphones and can take a photo at any moment. But taking aesthetically pleasant shots is an art. If you want to make a beautiful yearbook, read the following information, and find out what locations are the best.

College’s building

We don’t know what college or university you attend, but we are sure that your institution’s interior has something unique and unusual. Instead of taking photos in the ordinary classroom, you may opt for doing it in the assembly hall, in the hallway. By the way, taking a photo in front of the university’s main entrance became the tradition of all graduates across the world. Even if you have your studying now, be sure that you’ll be glad and grateful to this time at the prom. Moreover, any problem can be solved. If you have difficulties with academics, visit Edubirdie, and get professional assistance.

Photo studio

One may say that taking photos in a photo studio is outdated and old-fashioned; however, it all depends on the photographer and the studio’s interior. If all groupmates settled on this choice, it’s better to think about a photo shoot in advance. Find a professional photographer and discuss what shots you want to see in your album. Browse the Internet to find interesting and creative ideas, and implement them.


The territory of any educational institution isn’t always large, but it always has a few beautiful places. If there’s any monument, park with nice square or any other local landmark, choose these sports and take photos there. Explore your creativity and try to find beauty in simple things. There may be a lot of photo locations on your campus, but you don’t notice them because these surroundings bored you. It’s understandable: studying is a torture for many people. If it’s about you, consider using assistance from Unemployed Professors. Get acquainted with Unemployed Professors review to make sure that it’s the best way out.

City center

Urban settings are another great location for graduation photos. A lot of modern students opt for this variant quite often. It’s good if you live in a big city, if no — decide which of the nearest town is the most attractive for you and your groupmates and go there. The formal outfits of graduates will look amazing in urban settings. But you’re free to change your clothes and opt for casual style.


Even the smallest towns have parks, so why not have a photoshoot outdoors?

Besides choosing a beautiful park or forest, you must think about the time of the day. It’s better to take photos at sunset. All photographers know that this time of the day is ideal for getting amazing backlit shots. No one artificial light can help achieve this result.

These are the most widespread spots for graduation photos. You may either choose one and make all photos in one place or combine sport to make your yearbook unique. The main task here is to think about the photo shoot ahead and be sure of good results.