Emotional and Pure Female Portraits by Luise Blumstengel

Leipzig, Germany based photographer Luise Blumstengel focuses on portrait genre and describes her style with three words; emotional, authentic and pure. She has been known since school as “the Luise with the camera”, about which she still feels very grateful and happy. She bought her first camera 8 years ago and a lot has changed in her perception and thinking since then. “I quickly understood that photography has more meaning in my life than one of these well-known hobbies, in which the full professional equipment is bought in good faith and dusted up after the initial euphoria.” she states on her website, adding that; “Thanks to my camera, I see the world more consciously and see the aesthetics in the small and otherwise self-evident things of everyday life. I have learned to deal with myself, my values ​​and my definition of the term “beauty”. Nowadays it is normal to be surrounded by thousands of advertising images that have subconsciously shaped us since childhood and define our ideal of beauty.” Through her female portraits, she emphasizes the naturalness, emotions and honest side of a person and captures her models creatively for eternity. Her images make the viewer stop and feel something. We selected the most impressive female portraits of Luise Blumstengel for your eyes only. Be inspired!