Easy and Clever Halloween Costume Ideas

We’ve all struggled to come up with a good Halloween costume. While Halloween can be a fun, carefree holiday, stress can come from trying to find the right costume. There can be many considerations when deciding a costume—availability, functionality, and uniqueness. Another decision is whether you’re willing to spend money on a costume or take the time to make it yourself. If you’re struggling for ideas and Halloween parties are growing closer, here are some easy Halloween costume ideas that will sure to be a hit.

Reinvent a Classic
Animal costumes are a reliable classic for Halloween that can be versatile. Take bear costumes for instance. You could be iconic bears, such as Fozzie from the Muppets or Yogi Bear. If you’re looking for shock value, be a terrifying bear animatronic from Five Night at Freddy’s. If you want to go for the cute factor while literally wearing pajamas, there’s a plethora of animal onesies available online with unicorn, elephant, giraffe, cat, and kangaroo designs.

Pull From Your Favorite Advertisements
Base your costume off of an advertising character that everyone will recognize. Clever ideas include the Hamburglar from McDonald’s, Colonel Sanders from KFC, Wendy from Wendy’s, and The Burger King from Burger King. While these costumes will be crowd pleasers, they may take a little more effort and creativeness. Pre-made costumes may be trickier to find, so give yourself more time to piece these costumes together.

Show Your Foodie Side
Food-themed costumes are some of the most affordable costumes on the market. There’s a wide array of food and beverage options available, including brand name candy, beers, condiments, fruits, and vegetables. Food costumes also make easy couples costumes. You can go as famous food pairings, such as peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, salt and pepper, and milk and cookies. Consider your level of commitment and desired comfortableness before purchasing, because food costumes range from pullover smocks worn over regular clothes to full body, mascot style costumes.

Make the Most of Wordplay
Who doesn’t love a good pun? Pun-themed costumes can be simple and inexpensive. Go as a formal apology, by putting on your fancy clothes and hanging a sign around your neck that reads “Sorry.” Buy a pack of nametags, write random names on them, and stick them all over yourself to be “identity theft.” If you’re a science freak and looking to buy something practical, this apron (which is available in three colors) will turn you into the “Iron Chef” and can be used for cooking in your kitchen after Halloween is over.

Be Inspired By Other Holidays
Draw inspiration from other holidays and celebrations. Grab an old oversized birthday gift bag and some tissue paper. Cut the bottom out of the bag, step through, and attach it to your shirt. Add some tissue paper at the top and, voilà; you’re a birthday present. If you’re a little craftier and want to stick with the birthday theme, here’s a simple tutorial for a piñata costume. Grab all the green and red out of your closet and see if you can piece together an ensemble fit for a Christmas elf. Add a festive hat (Amazon seems to have an endless supplies of elf hats) and you’re ready to go.

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