The Secret to Serenity: How to Manage Stress and Lead a Healthier Life

© Ivan Oboleninov

Modern life can be incredibly fast-paced. From work to managing your responsibilities to even how quickly you scroll through your news feed, we are used to increasing speeds and this can leave little to no room to relax. Stress can accumulate and become chronic if we are not careful, and our mental health can suffer under these conditions. That is why the best medicine for modern life is to practice serenity and to slow down. The goal is not to do less, but to make everything you do more meaningful. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

Go on a Social Media Detox 
Many of us don’t realise the extent to which social media affects our lives. This doesn’t even refer to the negative outlook or the increased social pressure that social media has now become infamous for. Simply scrolling through newsfeeds and passing by and discarding hundreds of bits of information in seconds does a lot of damage to your mental health. Social media and news feeds can make it more difficult to focus on single tasks, making you less productive and more easily bored.

To counter this, go on a social media detox. You don’t need to delete everything and throw away your phone, but try to work on tasks that require complete focus, like reading. The more you slow down your brain by focussing or meditating, the more you can relax and calm down. To really make an impact, bar all electronics from your presence before bed. The blue-light wakes your body up and can reduce the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Better
You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of quality sleep. It’s surely one of the biggest factors in overall health and wellbeing, yet so many of use regularly take it for granted and try to ‘grind to get things done’ instead of unwinding and getting proper rest each night. If you find yourself guilty of doing the same, you should seriously reconsider your choices. Your bed and mattress also play an important role, so if you’re sleeping on that very old mattress you bought ages ago, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. If you don’t know where to look, US-Mattress is a good place to start.

Challenge Yourself 
Learning new things is so important for our mental health. It helps us challenge our brains in new ways, it expands our worldview, and it helps us stay fulfilled. You can challenge your brain in many ways. You can take a class, you can read, watch documentaries, or even have fun solving puzzles with your friends in an OKC Escape Room. Challenging yourself should be fun and rewarding, and it should give your brain a break by adding Focus Factor vitamin to your daily routine.

Make Your Home a Safe Space 
Your home should not be somewhere you feel stressed. If you must work after hours, go out to a café or at the very least set up a workspace at home where you exclusively work. Don’t try to do work on the couch or in your bed. You want to keep these spaces clear of stress so that you can relax more effectively when the time comes. If this means moving to a nicer apartment, so be it. You owe it to yourself to feel safe and relaxed at home. When you don’t get have time to go to gym getting your own equipment(s)  is also a great idea. You should start doing that by checking Trusted Treadmill out.

To find serenity, you need to slow down. Do this by focussing on new and exciting challenges that take your mind off of work and all your stress. Make your home a safe space to relax and to learn and limit your use of electronics so that you can slow down, focus more, and enjoy life.