22 Easy and Crafty Back To School Projects For Little Hands

It is time to back to school and also time to get your little ones in the mood with some activities at home. It is not easy to switch mode from summertime to school time, but some school themed craft projects can work perfectly as warm-up session. Children enjoy doing crafts activities with their parents as much as they love watching cartoons and playing with their friends. So why not providing them this opportunity and call for a one last family time before summer holiday ends? You only need some simple crafts materials like scissors, cardboard, pompoms, glitter self-adhesive paper, acrylic paint, etc. Now, what can you do with all these materials you have found at home? Back to school themed door wreath, “thankful” cards to give your kids’ teachers, hand-painted jars to put pencils, colourful hair pins, crafty bookmarks and many more are just some of the ideas you can select from with your kids. Just scroll down and browse some photo-ideas we’ve rounded up for you below then prepare your materials, explain the instructions step by step to your kids and finally let them flaunt with their hand-crafted product. Have fun!

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