23 DIY Back To School Gifts For Teachers And Students

It is that time of the year again! The best time of the year for the ones who love that crazy scheduled-ness, but not so good for the ones who are fond of sleeping and don’t like packing lunch, catching the school bus, etc. Anyway, it is time to cheer up your kids and show your new teacher how much you care with an extra-special diy gift. On the other hand, no matter easy or complicated, diy projects are always one of the best ways to entertain your kids, moreover these activities will help them switch from summertime to school-time. We combed Instagramto find the latest and the most impressive diy back to school gifts for you. From succulents with handcrafted cards to stationary boxes, hand-painted coffee mugs to key chains, there are various simple but thoughtful projects that you can accomplish with your kids and give as a gift to their teachers. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to adorn your gift with an appropriate gift tag which must also be handcrafted! “Happy First Day of School,” “Best Year Ever,” and “I’m So Excited You’re My Teacher!” are some of things that you can write on the tags. Your little ones need to feel your full support on the first day of the school. You can either surprise them or again choose a project to make together which can be used as a school supply or something just to make them happy. One of the smartest ideas is preparing something satisfyingly sweet on the first day of school with some of their favourite snacks. You can handcraft a box together then go to the store to fill it with candies, chocolate chips, gums, etc. DIY photo frames is one of the most popular ideas that you can go for. You can handcraft the frame first, then place a photo of your kids taken with their teachers on the first day of school. Still not sure what to get your kids and their teachers? Just scroll down and get inspired by the ideas we selected for you.

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