7 Types of Wallpaper to Consider for Decorating Your House

Let’s just get this out of the way first; installing wallpaper is not an easy feat and is relatively more expensive than using paint. However, wallpapers offer plenty of advantages, in that you can choose over hundreds of colors, designs, and patterns.

These days, some wallpapers even come with the facility of allowing users to paint on them to give them a unique overall appearance. They’re easy to maintain, as you only need to wipe them using a soft brush or a clean cloth. What’s more, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different kinds of wallpapers available today. If you have a bigger house like one of Paradise Developments, you can play with different styles of wallpaper in your bedrooms.

If that’s the route you want to go, you’ll certainly have a blast with this article as we’ve listed some of the trendiest or hottest types of wallpaper you can get to decorate your house’s interior with.

Best Types of Wallpapers to Decorate Your Interiors With

1.   Conventional Paper Wallpaper

A classic option, wallpapers made out of traditional paper, is some of the most widely used wallpapers worldwide. It’s made of cellulose, which can be either single (simplex) or even double (duplex) layered – capable of being embossed that gives it a 3D effect.


One of the reasons why homeowners favor these wallpapers is that they are eco-friendly and are hypoallergenic. As a matter of fact, the adhesive paste that these wallpapers come with for installation is also void of any chemical additives, making it a healthy choice for any household. They also happen to be one of the cheapest wallpaper types available in the market today.

2.   Non-Woven

One of the most popular wallpaper types that are trending nowadays is that of non-woven. Unlike other types of wallpapers, non-woven wallpaper is breathable and beneficial for respiratory or breathing issues as it gets rid of mold and mildew. It’s also an excellent alternative choice for kitchens and bathrooms if you’re not into vinyl wallpapers.

Non-woven wallpapers are not only easy to apply and washable, but they also come with a “paste the wall” technology, meaning that the backing paper won’t expand when it comes in contact with water or anything else that’s wet. It also takes half the amount of time to decorate your walls to the wall as you don’t need to soak these wallpapers before pasting them.

And even if you want to redecorate and use another wallpaper, you’ll find that non-woven wallpapers are easy to remove as they’re made from natural, synthetic fibers, making them tear-resistant.

3.   Roll

Roll wallpapers are another common type for either a household or an office environment. Being that these wallpapers are on a roll, users can easily cut them to correctly accommodate the length of their room, which reduces waste and saves on money. Roll wallpapers make it easy to hang them. However, they also come with strips, making it difficult for users to get the sides to match up evenly.

4.   Liner

Liner or lining wallpaper is the type that’s made from fiberglass or paper. This type is known for effectively concealing wall defects as well as reducing repairs. It can also serve as a base for the more delicate types of wallpapers. Whether you use it all by itself or with some paint, it’ll be good either way. Furthermore, it’s super simple to apply and remove.

5.   Geometric Patterns

This is another one of the most popular types of wallpaper patterns as it can be applied anywhere in the house, giving any room it’s in, a sleek and stylish makeover. It comes off as fresh and provides the wall with an incredibly bold statement thanks to its patterned display.

6.   Plant Motifs

There’s nothing quite refreshing then decorating your walls with lush greenery that’s refreshing for the eyes and the soul. That’s exactly what plant motif wallpapers will do for you. They’re aesthetically pleasing and come in a wide range of designs and patterns to pick from. Besides that, they help create a natural feel in one’s own room, bringing a vibrant, fresh atmosphere. Still, we don’t necessarily recommend using these designs to cover every one of your four walls: just one is enough.


Tropical leaves are another popular plant motif option. Also, including images of crystal clear waters and white sand will give your living room a much more exotic sensation.

7.   Mural

If you want to make your bedroom feel breathtaking and astonishing at the same time, then a mural wallpaper will do just the trick. But when you do get this type of wallpaper, be sure that both the size and design of these items don’t overpower your space, as they’re typically large in retrospect.

The best part about these wallpapers is that you’ll find them in many colors and designs, especially one that will accurately match your house’s decor. Besides that, mural wallpapers are relatively easier to install, sparing you the stress and exhaustion that typically comes with installing wallpapers.