Detoxing from Marijuana

Marijuana, Weed, Dope, Pot, Green, Ganja, Jane – call it whatever you may. Marijuana is a drug that comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Although the plant was originally meant for other purposes, (medicine, industrial fiber, and religious and spiritual moods), it’s commonly abused today as a drug to make people feel ‘high.’

Notably, most people refer to marijuana as a general name for cannabis. Marijuana is just the dried leaves and flowers of the plant. Most people who use marijuana usually smoke it in a joint such as cigarettes.

Marijuana has a compound ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol [THC]. It’s the compound in marijuana that gives you the feeling of being high. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse [NIDA], THC affects a person’s memory, pleasure, movements, sensory and time perception, and also thinking.

However, the effects are different for everyone. While others may feel happy, talkative, and less conscious of themselves, others can feel sleepy, nauseous, and uncoordinated – and sometimes, maybe a combination of all. In as much as the plant has some positive effects, most countries around the world prohibit the use of marijuana. While some states may allow it, it remains strictly illegal under the federal law.

Due to the ‘high’ effect of marijuana, it may not be conducive to drive or do any constructive work while under the influence of the drug. For this reason, most companies, employers, and even government organizations conduct drug tests every now and then. You may need to detoxify your body from marijuana to pass a test completely.

THC enters the blood rapidly after smoking marijuana. If the drug is ingested rather than smoked, it takes a longer time to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This is normally 20 minutes to about an hour and a half. Blood tests for marijuana aren’t commonly used because THC is only detectable in blood for a short time. Urine tests are mostly conducted in such cases. Below are some of the quickest ways you can get a THC detox:

* Detox Naturally

This works by targeting the bladder and the urinary tract to flush out toxins from your organs. If you’re in good health and shape, you can cleanse your body naturally. It mainly involves having a proper diet.

You are advised to drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day, eat leafy vegetables, add lemon juice to your warm water as this boosts the rate of metabolism by promoting digestion, and avoid junk foods as well as red meat. You may also need to add some healthy fiber to your diet. These include; legumes, wholemeal bread, and fiber-rich fruits.

* Same-Day Detox Products

Another easy way you can fool the urine test is by using detox products. They can get rid of THC within 24 hours. There’s a wide market where you can purchase these detox kits. The kit gets rid of any THC metabolites from your body. Combining these kits with water will help dilute your urine to a drug-sustainable level.

Detox drugs are from different brands. They, therefore, have different instructions. Following the instructions given carefully is important.

* Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a chemically formulated solution that looks, smells, and feels like urine, with the same chemical composition as urine. There are a lot of brands available for such products. Since it might be quite a struggle maintaining the urine’s temperature, most of these kits come with an inbuilt thermometer.

In case of supervised lab tests, there are synthetic urine belts that can be attached to your waist to make you appear like you’re in effect. It contains a synthetic urine solution and is concealed with a fake penis.

All these methods need to be done wisely. Although it might take a little more time to detox compared to the others, the natural detox way is the safest.

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