How to Build a Wedding Site with WordPress

Putting together a website can be complicated under normal circumstances, particularly with such a vital event ahead of you. Luckily, WordPress allows you to develop a wedding site quickly if you know what kind of features you want.

Additionally, various platforms can help you to create a wedding website apart from WordPress. is a simple wedding website builder that also helps with registry tips and etiquette advice. You should visit the site to get insight about wedding guest checklists, various wedding registry rules for guests and the amount you should spend on a wedding gift.

One of the secrets of placing together an efficient website is to plan. Before you sit down and begin working on anything, ensure you have a rough outline of the features and pages you want. That way you’ll have an obvious set of objectives to adhere to, and you won’t be struggling at the last minute. To create a completely custom wedding website, the following are simple steps that you can use to develop an amazing WordPress wedding site.

Step 1: Choose a Domain, a Web Host and Set Up

The first thing you should do when it comes to developing any website is to choose a domain name, pick a web host and set up WordPress on the host. This may sound tricky, but the process is easier than it seems. The best life-hack to simplify the process is to use the same organization, like Go Daddy, that offers inclusive packages.

Step 2: Choose an Ideal Wordpress Wedding Theme

Think of WordPress styles as customized options for your set up. They’re mostly targeted to make your website look as eye-catching as possible, but nowadays a lot of them also consist of innovative functions.

There are styles available for nearly every scenario, such as weddings. Of course, not all wedding concepts will fit with every website, and your selection will rely mostly on your preferences. However, there are some requirements you should consider to make sure you’re dealing with the best choice.

Step 3: Set Up a Guestbook

Majority of individuals who will be present at your wedding would probably like to share their impressions or best wishes to you. A guestbook is a fantastic way to do that and placing yours online means people will have an easy time to achieve the objective.

Furthermore, the plug-in allows you to develop customized areas for your guestbook. That indicates you can use it for some inquiries of your visitors, in case you want their feedback or reviews.

Step 4: Create a Wish Registry

Everyone loves gifts, and setting up a wish record is the cherry on top of the proverbial wedding cake. The wish list eliminates the common mistake where several people purchase the same gift. Also, many of your visitors may use it as an option to save some time by purchasing online.

That’s why creating a wish registry for your WordPress wedding web page makes a lot of sense. You can also achieve that by utilizing one of the top plugins in WordPress: WooCommerce.


Developing a WordPress wedding web page can seem a little complicated, and that is entirely usual. However, the upfront activity you’ll need to do is nothing as opposed to the pressure that you will save by automating some key tasks for your big day. The good thing about the process is that you can now create a wonderful website for your event by simply following the above guidelines.

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