Designing Around Air Conditioners: Is It Really THAT Difficult?

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Air conditioners are becoming more and more needed in homes nowadays. They are installed in houses not only to keep the inhabitants comfortable but also to help protect furniture, appliances, and expensive home decor that is made of delicate materials. You see, excessive heat can sometimes make items brittle. 

In spite of its undeniable usefulness in keeping homes conducive for living, air conditioners still pose a significant challenge to designers. To them, these machines are a bit difficult to incorporate into the overall look of a room. 

But just because it’s difficult to do doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. In this article, we are going to present some creative ways to make an air conditioner fit in with the overall aesthetic of a space.

Conceal it by painting it the color of the wall that surrounds it

Because of its shape and general appearance, an air conditioner easily fits in a space that has a contemporary interior design. But not all homes adopt the contemporary approach. There are those who go for the minimalist way of arranging things. There are also homeowners who follow a Victorian aesthetic when decorating their homes. This method is more classical, therefore it must be devoid of any modern element. In such cases, designers can just paint the AC unit the same color as the wall where it is attached. This way, this modern piece doesn’t get that much attention even if it’s actually placed there! 

Just painting the AC unit instead of totally covering or caging it makes it a lot easier to access should there be a need for interventions such as Accuserv AC maintenance services. This accessibility saves you and the workers you hire precious time and effort. 

Put it above a bookshelf, a tall cabinet, or a door

If you are not comfortable painting an actual AC unit, you can easily go with putting the unit in spots that are rarely viewed or checked: on top of the door or right above a tall cabinet or bookshelf. This way, even if the AC unit does not really jive with the other elements of your design, it doesn’t really matter that much because no one will even notice it.  


One downside of putting the AC high up is that you will need a remote control to adjust the temperature and other functions. Maintenance services will also need ladders to access the unit.

Create a special shelf for it

Homeowners with a lot of time on their hands can go for a more complicated project. Instead of just putting the unit above a fixture or painting it, they can spend time and actually create a special shelf for the air conditioner. This new fixture can take on a form and shape that goes well with the overall design of the room. Doing this gives the owner and designer more control over the aesthetics of the space.

Designing home interiors is not always a straightforward job. Sometimes, designers must make adjustments to accommodate items that must be there, such as air conditioners. It might be challenging, but with the right amount of creative thinking, this design challenge can be easily overcome. 

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