Captivating Female Portraits by Sudhir Ramman

Netherlands based photographer Sudhir Ramman specializes in raw, edgy photography that captures raw emotion. He takes exceptional female portraits in captivating themes throughout different shoots and styles. He says “My work is about testing the limits, strength, vulnerability, empowerment, and so much more. My signature style includes high contrast close up portraits and experimentation with lighting, movement and expression. Portrait photography is my main passion, though I love creating fashion photography, portfolios, couple shoots and lookbooks as well.” No matter he works for a brand, professional models or less-experienced people, he focuses on creating the right setting everyone feels comfortable with. He always looks for the perfect way to present the message that his clients ask for. Sudhir states “Every shoot is tailored to a client’s specific needs and wishes, and I work hard to capture the brand identity.” in his bio. He also adds “When working with individual models and clients, I make sure to take the time to make everyone feel comfortable. When the vibe is right and the atmosphere is relaxed, we can create some art”. Check out some of his brilliant shots and remember to follow him on Instagram.

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