Talented Artist Creates Stunning Illustrations by Cutting Paper

Meet John Ed De Vera, an extremely gifted artist who loves to create stunning illustrations by cutting paper and merging the pieces. He creates popular cartoon characters, movie stars politicians, singers, and other popular icons. This talented individual is a skilled multidisciplinary designer, with a strong passion for lettering and paper-cutting. John draws his illustrations on bond paper, then he transfers them on a special kind of paper before he cuts them out by hand. After that, he mounts and fuses the pieces together in order to create the final product. If you like his illustrations, make sure to visit his Instagram page for more of his fantastic work.

The legendary Prince.

Amazing craftsmanship.

Stunning details.

Willy Wonka.

Simply amazing!

John’s work is truly fantastic.

He cuts them all by hand.

The beloved princess Leia.

The magnificent George Michael.

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