Adorable Senior Dog Named Jaripo was Rescued by a Caring Married Couple

There are plenty of unfortunate and abandoned animals on this planet of our’s and, unfortunately, not many people are ready and willing to do something about it. However, when Christina Morgan saw a devastating post on Facebook that said an older dog named Jaripo is going to be euthanized, she simply had to rescue him. When they saw the post, Christina, and her husband immediately sat in their car and drove to the shelter. Along the way, they were told that there’s a high possibility that the dog won’t be alive when they arrive. Fortunately for the dog, Christina and her husband made it just in time to adopt the poor fella. The previous owners said the dog was terminally ill and that there was nothing left to do except to put him down. Christina then took him to the vet and after few procedures and test it turned out poor Jaripo was actually in pretty good health. They basically saved his life! Jaripo got his second chance to live out the rest of his days in a caring and loving family and he’s extremely happy about that.

In a warm hug of his new owner.

The poor fella was scheduled to be euthanized.

Look at that smile.

He’s got a second chance!

New family, new life!

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