Creative Photographer Plays with His Little Friends

Miniature people projects have always been interesting for us and we love to share new creatives with you. We came across Øystein Dypedal on Instagram who is a young man of 31 years and lives in Oslo, Norway. We were curious to know about Øystein and his tiny people project so emailed him to get some information. He explains his artwork as follows;


“I am an active hobby photographer who has doing photography for about 8 years. I started with my Tiny People series for almost 2 years ago. I started with a few figures and a couple of ideas, and gradually it has become more figures and numerous more pictures. I have greatly enjoyed this photo series and it has given me the opportunity to think creatively in a whole new way. I constantly try to find everyday and natural settings to place the miniature figures in. The idea is that I create a small universe of Tiny People who are part of the environment we ourselves live in. I am playing with the idea that everyday things not necessarily need to be as we are used to perceive it. I wish that those who see the images should recognize the situation but be surprised by the Tiny People who appear in it. It’s like seeing everything in a new way.

I began to publish the pictures on my instagram account and was surprised that so many thought that my pictures were funny. It has given me the motivation to continue to take these images. I have gradually started to find my own style and have great pleasure to constantly look for me new photos and play with different possibilities.

This project has simply given me very much joy, and I’m going to continue with this as long as it gives me so much joy. When I walk around in everyday life I imagine lots of fun settings for my little friends, and I feel that the more I play around with these images, the more images popping up in my head. This is simply a great way for me to be creative and develop my skills in photography and being a bit playful. For me it is important to have this opportunity to be creative and work out new ideas.”


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