Creative Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

When you want to mark a special occasion with a gift, you may want a more creative gift idea than the traditional bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or some perfume. Sometimes, trying to think of something creative can feel a bit daunting, but it does not need to be. Here we share some creative gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated, and that will suit almost all special occasions:

Roses forever

A special occasion deserves a gift that will be appreciated and retained. A bouquet of flowers may be beautiful, but within a week they are likely to be in the compost bin. If you want a flower they can keep forever, a gold dipped Eternity Rose is something that can be displayed in the home and become an heirloom within the family. For those with a garden, choose a tree with an appropriate symbolic meaning, for example, a cherry tree is a symbol of love and affection or an oak tree for strength.

Wine and dine

A bottle of a favorite tipple will be well received but to make it really special, gift a trip to the distillery, vine-yard or brewery that makes the favorite drink. You can arrange a private tour for two, including cocktails. You can combine a tour with tastings, a lunch or a three-course dinner. For something a little different, consider a Japanese whiskey masterclass and tasting or a meal out at a Michelin star restaurant.

Personalized gifts

If the special occasion involves family and friends getting together, a set of photographs taken on the day can be made into a photo book that will be ready after the event. Let those attending add their own words alongside photographs for a book to treasure. Other personalized are those where names and details of the special occasion are engraved on items such as jewelry, drinking glasses, picture frames and more.

Experience gifts

Sometimes, the person or people you are buying to have everything they wish for or do not have the space to show or store more items. In these cases, an experience gift is a good solution. These include attendings professional sporting event, zip lining, sky diving, a flying lesson, bungee jump, a dawn hot air balloon trip, tea for two at the Ritz Hotel in London and much more. With these gifts, the memories last forever.

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