Creative Chiffon Cake Designs by Susanne Ng

Former Biomedical engineer, Susanne Ng worked in biomedical research before she chose to stay home to spend time with her three children. She took up making chiffon cakes because of her friends. One day, she was too bored and looking for new things to try, then she came up with the idea of applying patterns to chiffon cakes and she created the Sakura Matcha cake, followed by Christmas cake pops. There was no stopping her from then on. She became a well-known chef in the pastry world in 2016 with her first cookbook. Susanne now specialises in making patterned, decorated chiffon cakes and has many books to share with the cake lovers. Although we have presented many pastry chefs’ story along with hundreds of cake examples here, with her chiffon cake designs, Susanne has her special place on our blog as we have never seen this type before. She talentedly creates cartoon characters and cute animals using chiffon cake. If you are interested in challenging yourself with bakery, we highly suggest you follow her on Instagram. Here we share some of our favourite cakes by Susanne. Hope you find them noteworthy.