5 Must-Read Books for Students to Advance in Essay Writing

Essay writing is an inevitable part of every student’s life. Some of them are required for school, others – for tests, exams and even college applications. Young people must learn to share their thoughts and ideas in a clear yet unique way. To write an outstanding memorable essay, one needs theoretical and practical knowledge.  However, lots of students struggle with it.

Some of them don’t understand how to build the right structure. Others find it difficult to formulate thoughts or illustrate the experience with appropriate examples. This article highlights 5 must-read books for those who want to gain insight into writing. Professional authors provide useful tips on exploring one’s potential and becoming more confident in this field.


«Conquering the College Admissions Essay in 10 Steps, Third Edition: Crafting a Winning Personal Statement»

The whole college application process seems to be the most stressful time. Alan Gelb, who is the author of the book, admits it. Gelb is a well-known college essay coach and this is his best-selling guide on writing an essay that will definitely stand out. A great personal statement is a key to success. The author recommends finding a relatable theme that will also show one’s personality in an interesting way.

Students who followed Gelb’s instructions got accepted into the Ivy League’s universities (Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth). He shares a lot of writing techniques to analyze one’s identity, aims, and strongest features and means to express them all. If you use them, no admission officer will be able to ignore them. The most special thing about the handbook is that it collects the solutions for students who used Gelb’s methods.

The ten-step guide includes:

  • tips on finding appealing essay topic;
  • recommendations on discovering one’s individuality;
  • transferring from blurry ideas to a strong and flawless statement.

No-doubt, an application essay is of great importance. Students spend lots of energy to make it perfect. Nevertheless, other tasks still need to be done. You can always turn to essaywritingservice and save time for your top-priorities. In the meantime, you won’t worry about meeting deadlines.

«How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement: Write powerful essays for law, business, medical, or graduate school application»

Lots of students are nervous since the admission committees are becoming more and more demanding. Mark Alan Stewart gives a broader perspective on the main angles of the admission process. The book includes some questions that need to be answered in the essay. But how can students do that without understanding these questions?

Stewart reveals the secrets of a well-polished and meaningful essay. The book also gives insights on letters of recommendation and making an incredible impression at the interview for graduate programs. There are helpful examples and sample essays. This guide is an amazing one for those who are just at the beginning of the writing process.

«The Art of the Personal Essay: An Anthology from the Classical Era to the Present»

Phillip Lopate, an editor and essayist, collected a wide variety of seventy-five compositions. They represent works that date back to ancient times (Greece, Rome), the middle ages as well the modern era. The anthropology was first published in 1995 but didn’t lose its value thanks to the diversity and relevance of the essays’ topics.

To become an amazing writer, it’s important to have great examples to look up to. If one is tired of the 21st century standards, they may get a few writing tricks from a 16th century author. The book will definitely inspire students to look for something extraordinary in their everyday life and share their observations with pleasure.


«Crafting The Personal Essay: A Guide for Writing and Publishing Creative Non-Fiction»

Scott Russell Sanders is well-known for comparing essay writing to being a rabbit. Thoughts are just like bushes and people wonder there, searching for the truth. Some individuals believe that the concept of essays is archaic and totally outdated. On the contrary, essay writing allows us to save the truth that people face every day and structure it on paper.

This book is a wonderful helper when it comes to filling one’s writing with true emotions, courage and a vivid meaning. It explains the basic principles of essays, moving from personal diaries to writing for a wide audience in different genres. This guide also helps to discover how to be intriguing and refreshing to a future reader.

«On Writing Well, 30th Anniversary Edition: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction»

William Zinsser started his career path working for the New York Herald Tribune. He wrote for other popular magazines, too. His book is life-saving for those who adore not only writing but reading as well. He pays the reader’s attention to the widespread writing mistakes and shows how to avoid them.

From Zinsser’s perspective, large corporations, businesses, or politicians often use long phrases and sophisticated language. However, simplicity is the key.

In addition, the book explains how to write fiction and non-fiction, how to tell the writer about such fundamental topics as careers, artworks, the surrounding world, and more. The author also gives an insight into exploring whether the literature is worth reading. If one is willing to develop the potential in the memoir genre, this volume is a must-have.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, young people have a broad outlook on life. They have lots of hobbies, interests and passions. On the other hand, it might be complicated for them to put pieces of information together and create a logical statement. So, why are essays an integral part of the educational system? They develop creative and analytical thinking at the same time.

First, the student must think over the idea, and then – wrap this idea into a logical structure with arguments and facts. Skills that students express in their essays are essential for career achievements. It’s hard to imagine a successful politician, entrepreneur, or boss who doesn’t know how to analyze the situation, think logically and convince other people.

Fortunately, handbooks give students a chance to have a great example to follow. With a step-by-step guidance, they are confident enough to finish a profound and powerful essay that will bring them brand new opportunities. Make yourself proud!