Talented Pastry Chef Creates Uniquely Beautiful Cakes

Israeli pastry chef Eyal Revah graduated from the cooking and pastry School and specializes in classic and modern patisserie, restaurant desserts and crafted cake making. He is currently a pastry chef at the La Republic Restaurant in Tel Aviv, a culinary consultant for companies, giving workshops, and custom cake decorator. Having spent years in the kitchen, he developed his own style for designing and decorating cakes which means a never-ending story for him as each and every day, he discovers something new in the world of pastry and challenges his skills by trying different designs. He seems to enjoy every minute of this creation process and the result reflects his passion for his work. He sometimes uses colourful crispy pieces to place a lovely rainbow-like installation on a white cake or uses the top of the cake as his canvas to create exceptional compositions using donuts, macarons, flowers, etc. Looking through his cakes, one can realize that cakes can be turned into edible arts, don’t you think? Below, we selected some of his uniquely beautiful cakes to showcase you. Enjoy!