How to Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Pets are companions that need love and care. They are not decorations that can be thrown aside and forgotten if you don’t feel happy anymore. They can definitely deliver happiness and joy to people. Everyone should be a responsible pet owner. Before you decide to have a pet, think first whether you would be able to be an accountable pet owner.

February is the month where we celebrate Responsible Pet Ownership. This is the time to remind people to be a good parent to their fur babies. Petz website exists with their philosophy, “All Pets Matter” to inform and educate people especially pet owners about the health and welfare of their own pets. Studies have shown the health benefits you can get in owning a pet. It can increase fitness, lower stress with regular walking and playing with pets, and it can bring happiness to their owners. By giving people companionship, it manages loneliness and depression.

Companionship can help you prevent sickness and can even add years to your life. Caring for a pet can help you keep your problems away from mind, especially if you live alone. They are good at interpreting our tone of voice and gestures. Like a dog, they are good at noticing your emotional state and try to understand what you’re thinking and feeling that is why pet owners usually talk to their pet. Research shows that children without siblings that own pets help them develop compassion, better self-esteem, and involvement not only in social but physical activities as well.

Since pets provide love and affection to us, we should be responsible and give it back to them. Here are some ways to be called a responsible pet owner.

Research before you commit

Avoid impulsive decisions when getting a pet. You should first do your research to find the pet that suits your home and your lifestyle. You should know and understand how to care for your pet before making a decision. Choose the number and type of pets which you can provide appropriate food, water, shelter, and care. Don’t adopt or buy many if you cannot handle it. Carefully research your chosen breed so that there are no surprises in the future. Know all the essential things and what are the requirements in terms of food, exercise, and space needs. Make sure you know exactly where your pet comes from legal papers. Always remember that a pet is also a commitment like anything else. Being away often may lead to a very unhappy pet and they can poorly behave. You should always ensure that your pet has a company and they need to be properly socialized.

Food and Shelter

Your major role next to providing love and affection is giving food and shelter. You should provide your pet with the basic necessities of life. Remember that all animals regardless of where they came from even from rescue should be treated with the same level of respect as what you can give to an expensive pet from breeders. Animals can understand humans. Cats and dogs live happier and healthier when they are treated as full members of the family in your homes.

Invest Time and Money

Know that pet ownership requires an investment of time and money. Regular visits to the vet for check-ups, vaccination, and grooming are totally essential. Insurance for your pet may also be important, especially emergencies can happen at any time. We all want our pets to stay healthy as they can be. To keep them healthy, you should also research what household products and foods can harm your pet. Ensure that those items are kept in secure locations so your pet cannot get into them. Pet’s health doesn’t mean only the physical needs but make sure that you always have time for them. You should have frequent social interaction playing tricks, exercise, or even walking outside. Be observant and loving all the time.


Ensure Pet is Spayed and Neutered

Maybe some people might think spaying and neutering is a sort of interfering with how nature intended animals to be but we have to think broadly. Animal overpopulation is an issue in most of the countries around the world. Responsible pet ownership includes preventing your pets from breeding by getting them spayed or neutered. According to the study, millions of cats and dogs are put to sleep every year because shelters cannot hold them anymore. It is also shown that every pet that is spayed and neutered lives longer and healthier.

Ensure Proper Identification

Like human pets should have their proper identification. Sometimes our pet might get lost and identification will help you find them and prove that you are the owner. Have your pet wear a collar with the name and updated contact details on it. You may also consider getting your pet microchipped to help them be identified if lost or stolen so you can track where they are.


Exercise, Training, and Socialization

Regular exercise is important to keep their muscles and immune system strong and healthy just like we do. It also provides the mental motivation that keeps pets cheerful. Train your pets to understand obedience. In this way, they know what behaviors are acceptable. They have to know the basic tricks and cues so it can also help them save their lives in case of an emergency. This also helps them to be more cooperative, and comfortable in the environment. Some animals are put to shelters because of behavioral issues. Your pet should learn to socialize. Meeting new people and pets develops their confidence.

Pets are incredible for their capacity for love. We often treat them like our own children. They help out in our society as well, especially dogs. The intelligence of dogs is being used to help people in a diverse range of activities. Owning a pet is helpful and comforting for those who love and appreciate animals. If you are not a pet lover, pet ownership is not going to help you with any health benefits nor improve your life. The unconditional love of every pet can do more than keep you company.