Cake Artist Replicates Celebrity Dresses on Birthday Cakes

Indian cake stylist and engineer Ranjana Yadav combines her love for fashion and baking in this series. She has quitted her job as an engineer and specialized in designing big table cakes and she believes that in any art form, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and creativity is in the hands of the artist. In one of her interviews, she tells her story as follows; “I had the idea of starting The Cake Dress for three years. I used to bake for my family members on their birthdays and would always make cakes that matched their outfits. I used to get a lot of appreciation from them, especially from the ladies. They would feel very special. So I thought it was the right time to turn my craft into a business, and since my kids were grown up, I could finally do so. I launched my baking studio last year.” She gets inspiration from the dresses that the celebrities wear and applies the looks to her cakes. When asked about what challenged her the most at work, she replies; “Everytime I see a dress I can just turn it into a cake and that’s what defines my work. Even though four different people will view a single dress in four different ways, I have my own standard way of making my cakes and I stick to it. I make sure to match the cake’s colours and designs with the actual dress as much as possible. I also believe in symmetry as it’s more pleasing to the eyes. So there are not many challenges as such because in any art form, it’s always the artist’s or designer’s call on how to make their creations. They have the freedom of expression.” Now it is time to see her fantastic cake art. Enjoy!