Photographer Captures Her Little Daughters and Tablescapes Brilliantly

Photogrpaher Anna Kubel lives on a farm a few miles north of Stockholm with her family, some ponies, rabbits and cats. She works as a photographer and stylist and content creator for social media. She does the vast majority of her work from home and always has several projects going on. She loves being creative and creating beautiful environments all around her. Anna’s little daughters Bianca and Hollie are undoubtedly her greatest source of inspiration and she captures them whenever she catches their lovely moments. “My kids are the opposite of each other. Hollie has always been trouble-free, so to speak? Sure we wrestled with layouts, 2 years despite and stuff like that but you probably understand what I mean. Or? She has always been a pretty cautious girl, always wanted to look into the distance for a while before venturing into the game. Very early with everything, talked early and quite old to the way.” she tells about these adorable girls, adding that; “Bianca has a completely different pace, fearless, unashamed and gets angry when her will doesn’t go through. Jumps in from me without turning around. Dressing Bianca is like wrestling with an anaconda. At the same time, she is so enormously loving, loves closeness, wants to hug and kiss and most preferably sleep on one of us.” She also captures exceptionally beautiful tablescapes and the dishes she cooks and bakes. The charming Scandinavian style sets the mood of each photo and takes you to the aww point immediately. Take a look at her brilliant shots and remember to share this cuteness with your friends.