Hong Kong Based Creative Chef Gives the Best Examples of Edible Art

Bo Ip Sorensen is the Head of Culinary at the HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibiton Centre) and look after all the food requirements from banquets to restaurants. He has been a chef for over 22 years now and has worked in London, Dubai, Sydney and Hong Kong. He is the creative behind all these food art, which is the best form of imagination as it is edible. He takes his inspiration from the places he eats, and what’s trendy and seasonal. He defines his style as modern with a twist and localising it to the local plate. His art process starts from a spark of an idea then reflected on a plate. “It takes a team to make it all happen, from the chefs, suppliers, stewarding, service, and event managers. I know I don’t say it enough but I’m lucky to have you all support my sometimes… over the top needs.” he captions one of the photos on his feed. He believes in that mistakes make perfection and he never gives up trying. He suggests his clients; “My recommendation…. Explore and taste all the wonderful dishes that the chefs create – you will be truly blown away at the layers of flavours, textures and techniques that make our offerings at HKCEC one of a kind…” We learned a lot while exploring his feed and wanted to share a traditional snack with you, which is called Gai Dan Zai, that you can see in the first photo. He explains this food as follows; “Simple Pleasures… This street snack known as “Gai Dan Zai” or ‘little chicken egg’ or Egg Puffs, Bubble Waffle or Eggettes, is one of Hong Kong’s favourite treats. Best eaten fresh off the grill, your first bite should have a crispy exterior and an airy, moist lower half. It’s impossible to stop eating… There has been stories that the Gai Dan Zai was invented by a shopkeeper who couldn’t sell broken eggs. So waste not and mixed the eggs with a touch of flour, custard powder, evaporated milk and a sprinkle of sugar. The iconic shape only came later, created by who? Not sure to be honest – share with me if you know!!!!” Now it is time to feast your eyes with this creative chef’s fantastic dishes. Enjoy!