5 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

Wondering what to buy your dad for father’s day?

We have the 5 best father’s day gift ideas that any dad would love! This is not your typical fathers day gift list. We have become creative and searched for ideas that will totally Impress your father!

Father’s day is around the corner, and you might be wondering ahead of time what you should get for your dad this year.

There have never been so many amazing options as there are today, so it’s difficult to narrow it down to just a few gift options. However, if there’s one thing that every dad seems to love it’s some combination of music, food, being outside, taking care of home projects, and useful items for the home.

Remember, gifts don’t need to be extravagant to be meaningful, they just need to be thoughtful and there are always bonus points if you find something your dad wouldn’t have even thought of in the first place!

Father’s day is a day to show your dad, husband, or partner that they really mean something to you, and you appreciate their presence in their life.

Whatever you end up getting him, make sure it’s something he can continue to enjoy after getting it and it’s always a great idea to get something that you can all enjoy together.

So make sure to get them something meaningful this fathers day, and keep reading for a few fathers day gift ideas to get you started toward the perfect gift for your dad this year.

Let’s check out our top father’s day gift ideas for this year!

fathers day gift ideas

Fathers Day Gift #1 – New Music

Is your dad a music fan? Is he someone that loves exploring new catalogs of music? Or constantly on the search for the best jazz musicians?

If so, look no further than the massive collection of vinyl records online today. Most of the online stores have specialty pages that give you a place to start searching for great new music for him, plus you can point him towards those resources so he can explore all the options on his own!

For any dad that loves music, but doesn’t quite know where to find new artists and information, get him a subscription or personalize a collection of music from an online music curator that will send playlists, articles, and all kinds of exciting news about the music coming out and being featured today.

A subscription like this is a simple, but effective gift that will show how much you appreciate your dad on fathers day! This gift will make him feel special and cared for on fathers day knowing that his family takes pride in his interests and wants him to explore those interests further. 

fathers day music gift

Fathers Day Gift #2 – Meal Delivery

Ok, so I am thinking outside the box here. It’s time to steer away from the typical fathers day gift ideas.

However, everyone knows that dads love food. Some might say that the men in their lives are always thinking about the next meal, so on this fathers day why not give him something that delivers delicious, healthy food and adds a layer of convenience!

A meal delivery service delivers ready-to-cook meals complete with ingredients and recipes so you can simply open up your meal and get cooking! This takes the hassle out of meal preparation by eliminating long trips to the grocery store and time preparing a meal.

Depending on how many meals you want, you can customize it to get just a few a week or a dinner every night! This brings creativity back into life, but also saves on time spent driving to the shops, choosing the groceries etc.

Consider getting a meal delivery service for fathers day for a new and exciting way to enjoy dinner with an added level of convenience. 

fathers day meal delivery gift

Fathers Day Gift #3 – Pillow Slips

Pillow cases might sound like a boring gift, but what if we told you that you could buy a pillow case that not only keeps you cool at night but fights off bacteria that causes acne and other skin issues?

Pillowcases with thermal regulation are becoming more and more popular due to their comfort and ability to cut down on laundry each week.

These pillow cases will make your father more comfortable, and cool at night and help save on water in the long run! Dads love fun household add-ons like this that have both a layer of comfort and help save time and money on chores and errands.

And while you’re at it, check out the options available for the same kind of material for sheets, comforters, and duvets. Don’t discount a gift like a thermally regulated pillowcase, this could be the gift that dad never forgets!


father's day pillow slip gift

Fathers Day Gift # 4 – Men’s Jewelry

We know that most men don’t don lots of shiny jewelry, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Men’s jewelry can be a great gift to give your father, husband, or partner on fathers day. Giving the gift of jewelry is a uniquely thoughtful gesture. Especially when giving to someone who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry but likes the option of wearing a few accents or accessories.

JAXON is an extremely popular online jewelry store with tons of simple, understated but elegant jewelry for every occasion, taste, and gender expression.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be an expensive fathers day gift. It is about the gesture, the thought, and selecting something your father will love.

Whether your father is a necklace guy or more a simple watch and ring type, there’s something for everyone. There are even some awesome options with stones for those that like a little bit of glisten in their jewelry.

They really have an amazing collection of pieces today for the perfect gift this fathers day gift! 

father's day gift mens jewelry

Fathers Day Gift #5 – A Pizza Oven

Try and find me a dad that doesn’t like pizza!? I mean I’m sure it doesn’t exist.

Did you know that you could have delicious wood-fired pizzas right at home? With an Ooni grill, that dream becomes a reality! Ooni grills are propane-powered pizza ovens that are small enough to fit in most kitchens. If your dad is into grilling or making his own pizzas, an Ooni grill is the perfect gift this fathers day! 

pizza oven father's day gift idea

Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Conclusion

There are so many options out there for choosing a fathers day gift, but try something a little different this year.

This fathers day, get your dad something they’ll never forget! Any of the options in this list will be a wonderful gift to give on fathers day. Also, remember family is one of the most important things in the world, so take the time to show love and appreciation.

Whether your dad is a music fan and wants to learn about new artists, or if he gets hot in his sleep, there’s something on this list for either situation that will make his life a little better and a little more fun.

If your dad or husband is into jewelry, try getting him a nice watch or necklace to show your appreciation for him this fathers day. If none of those are right, go the food route with a meal delivery service or an Ooni wood fire pizza oven.

Good luck finding the perfect gift this fathers day!