Hash Hart Tells the Story of Your Wedding Day Through His Camera

Hash Hart is a 25-year-old full time wedding photographer from Sheffield. He started out photographing gigs, festivals and his mates. “​Fast forward to 2018, two of my good old friends getting hitched and letting me tell the story through my old beer-soaked camera. It was there I found the love for what I now do; having couples trust my unique style of direction to create & capture only the most beautiful, emotive moments.” he tells his story for taking up photography professionally, and continues as follows; “When I say this years been a wild one it’s just been a pretty big one for me personally! It’s my first year in business, I took that dive, left my day job to then shoot 30 weddings in the space of 6 months, something I hadn’t really taken into realisation until now the seasons started to slow down. Like, chat with me 2 years ago and he’d have never believed it.” He worked a lot to improve his skills and learn all technical details and trusted himself while investing in himself. He wants to learn ways that he can tell a better story more meaningful story, to build lasting relationships with people, he values friends, couples and suppliers alike, and to be part of a community. “I think it’s important to mention my style isn’t necessarily for everyone & honestly that’s cool! All you carefree, fun-loving, nontraditional folk who like the look of that raw intimate/alternative twist on your wedding day? I’m a super laid back guy so I mean, the thought of awkwardly posing you guys when all you wanna do is have fun, well that just ain’t for me! Instead – you’ll see the way I scrap the generic posing and direct you through those natural movements that scream the truest emotions!” he states on his website. If you are looking for a natural and emotive story to look back on then you must consider him as your wedding photographer. Not around his place? Then just take a look at his photos for inspiration.