The Magical Blackwork Tattoos of Sunghee Hwang

Sunghee Hwang aka Sou Tattooer is a master at what she does. Fine pointillism and impeccable outlines define her spellbinding blackwork tattoos. Based in Busan, South Korea and working for ‘Black Fingers Tattoo,’ she continues to grow as an artist every day. Intense outlines and phenomenal detail she achieves using fine pointillism and shading are breathtaking. With almost Disney art look these beautiful picturesque magical tattoos have the power to steal your heart. From sacred geometry, mandalas, blackwork arm bands, and neo blackwork nature pieces to lovely peony flowers and roses, Sunghee Hwang shines in every aspect of it. Bold, artistic statement with elegance and style follows her work and so could you everywhere you go.


Alluring sight

Never dispair!


Highest blackwork quality



Incredible vision

Story to be told

Unique talent of Sunghee Hwang

Creative, romantic metaphor

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