20 Fine Blackwork Tattoos by Michele Volpi

The blackwork tattoos when done in such quality way as Michele Volpi does them will always be trend and attraction bringing wondering eyes together. Italian tattoo artist Volpi specialized in fine blackwork has clean and usually minimalistic style with thin and clean lines, followed by pointillism and geometric forms done with fascinating precision. Often surrealistically inspired his stunning designs are of phenomenal looks and deeper meanings. Equally good in doing mandalas, geometric shapes, floral, objects or animal-themed tattoos of different sizes and body places. Drawing inspiration from everything that surrounds him, especially from nature which he sees as the ultimate perfection within its unique shapes and geometry. You can follow his work both on Instagram and Facebook.

Thicker lines, yet same high quality.


Absolutely stunning ornamental rose.

Minimalism with dotwork.

Fine line and pointillism – Gorgeous rose

Creative shading.

Thick and thin lines and brilliant dotwork.

Incredible fine line picturesque artwork.

Matching mandalas.

Meticulous pointillism.

Surrealistic visions of Volpi.

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