Meet Monk, the Adorable Black Vampire Kitten

In the animal kingdom, cats are the most popular animals these days, no doubt about that. They’re awesome, soft, elegant, and majestic. So, is there anything out there that could possibly make them cooler? The answer is – vampire teeth! Meet Monkey (Monk for short), the absolutely adorable kitten with long vampire teeth, that somehow make him look even cuter. Monkey’s human, Nicole Rienzie, found him stranded on the streets, alone and scared. She took him into her own home, cured him, and since then these two are inseparable. If you find this “vampire cat” adorable, make sure to follow him on Instagram here.

He sometimes hides his teeth.

“I’ll feast on your blood, human!”

He’s not dangerous, though.

Although he sometimes looks scary!

But he’s just any other cat.


Beautiful little vampire!

Look at those cute teeth!

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