Bennet Schwartz Sydney Director Shares 7 Top Inspirational Places To Visit For Creatives

If you love art and creativity, you will want to look into different areas that will provide you with inspiration. It’s nice to visit your local forests and towns, but you sometimes need an outside influence for your creativity. With this in mind, we want to share seven inspirational places you can visit, as approved by Bennet Schwartz Sydney director.


Hawaii is a beautiful state with tons of plants, wildlife and ocean you can look at. If you want beautiful scenery that can inspire you and your art, then you can’t go wrong with this area. You also have the chance to see the local culture and visit areas like the Polynesian Cultural Center to get a sense of new cultures and experiences.

There’s also plenty of beaches for you to go to if you want to see what nature can offer. You also have different buildings, Buddhist temples and plenty of greenery to ensure you come across something inspirational during your visit. You can also listen to the local Hawaiian music, so there’s plenty to come across, see and experience on these islands.

South Africa

If you want a powerful cultural experience, you could visit South Africa to see what they have there. As shown in the link, you can visit the MOCAA museum in South Africa if you want to expose yourself to art. However, you can also experience other art and beautiful architecture when you visit this country.

The link also explains that you can enjoy other art-focused adventures when you go to South Africa. This can include tours that show off beautiful parts of various cities alongside some of the art and architecture you will come across. With plenty to experience and a culture to learn from, you can seek out inspiration as you visit this area.

New York City

If you want to look at beautiful buildings and tons of architecture, then you can’t go wrong with a visit to New York City. New York City contains some historical architecture that makes it stand out, like the Empire State Building. You can also see the Statue of Liberty. This makes New York City an ideal location if you love architecture.

New York City offers lots of art museums you can experience as you visit. This includes paintings, sculptures, modern art and many other pieces you will come across. You can even visit the local parks to experience the scenery. New York City will allow you to see the big city life with tons of lights, allowing you to gain inspiration in a new environment.


Japan is another location that will allow you to experience art in multiple forms. Not only does it have beautiful architecture alongside some long standing buildings, but it also has country areas with tons of beautiful landscape. Whether you want to experience the city life or the countryside, you can find beauty and inspiration in Japan.

Keep in mind that the art goes beyond the buildings and the landscape: you can also look at the beautiful sculptures and parks. You can even visit various stores with figurines, statues and many other creations that can spark inspiration into your mind. Japan brings a unique flair with both its modern ideas and historic art, ensuring you will find something inspiring.


If you want some history and tons of connections to art, then you can always visit Italy. For example, the Leaning Tower of Pisa stands out as a well-known and beautiful building located in this country. However, you have other art and beauty you can experience if you visit Italy thanks to its rich and extensive history involving the Renaissance.

Italy has its fair share of art you need to see as you visit the country. You have lots of sculptures and painting created by great minds during the Renaissance. Many of these sculptures have life-like features, making them feel like the creators put life into their pieces. This gives you the perfect opportunity to come across historic pieces that will provide you with more inspiration.


Going off the point on history, you can also receive inspiration as you visit England. England provides tons of older buildings that can help you with your creativity. As an added bonus, England has tons of art you can experience alongside the buildings. This doesn’t even include the landscape and farmland you will see in the area.

Just like with other areas, you can see modern art and older pieces as you visit art museums. The previous link gives plenty of options to help you find some beautiful art you will enjoy. Whether you want to experience specific art pieces, see sculptures or look at the natural beauty of England, you have many options available throughout this country.

Washington D.C.

If you haven’t been to Washington D.C., then you should consider going there if you love art and history. You will come across lots of memorials and monuments that make it a great destination if you want some art inspiration. For example, the Lincoln Memorial and the reflection pool are wonderful sites that show the beauty of the area.

You can also see the White House if you want to see a beautiful building. There’s also lots of museums available in Washington D.C., so you can look into the various options and visit the ones that interest you the most. With tons of options to choose between, you will come across something you find beautiful and inspirational in Washington D.C.

Final Thoughts

When you consider these various inspirational places, you have the opportunity to travel and learn just like Bennet Schwartz Sydney director. If you love art, culture and architecture, you should look into visiting these seven locations. They will provide you with unique perspectives that may open your mind to new ideas and tons of creativity.