Artistic Fashion and Beauty Photography by Emmanuel Oyeleke

Emmanuel Oyeleke is a visual artist, photographer, creative director and also a tech enthusiast. His photography work predominantly reflect elements of art, fashion, beauty and documentary photography. He has a very interesting starting point for his current career. He has always been in love with finding simple solutions to complex problems – a trait he developed while growing and loved to fix whatever was broken, from transistor radios, to television sets and even cars. Later on in life, he found fulfilment in developing computer applications which he excelled at until his passion for photography took him over. His models are mostly black women and he believes black women are made out of cocoa, brown sugar, honey and gold. He describes himself and his work in August Udoh’s words; “I’m an amateur photographer, I like to call myself that because it makes it easy for me to wanna learn everyday and to be creative. You have to continually become a beginner, I’m more of a portraitist I find the human face interesting and my belief is finally in the end there is nothing but the face and the truth is the power of the landscape of the face, the valleys and the promontories and all other elements they represent, it’s truly how we know each other and there is nothing on earth more fascinating than the human face. I think it’s amazing how you can recognize a tribe or a race with just the face.” Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography has worked on fashion magazines, editorials, look books, beauty and life style campaigns for international brands, high profile events and portfolio work for Non-profit organizations. He had the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and teams to produced several stunning campaigns and look books for fashion designers and shot handful magazine covers and editorials for several magazines. Below you can see some of his best images taken from his impressive portfolio.