Benefits of Using Car Wraps to Market Your Business

Whether you’re running a small-scale start-up or an already established business, advertisement is an integral part of ensuring that your brand name reaches your target audience. As we’re living in the age of the digital world, and more and more businesses are concentrating on digital marketing, traditional methods of marketing still form a considerable percentage of effective advertising.

One way of getting your brand name out there is by using car wraps. They are an affordable and effective marketing strategy and offer one of the best ways to promote your business without using a lot of money. Thousands of pedestrians and drivers will read about your business whenever your service, delivery, and sales car passes. If you’re still on the fence whether to use this form of advertisement, read on for more benefits that will change your mind.

Saves you a lot of money

The cost of vehicle wraps advertisement depends on the kind of wrap you want to install in the car. The most commonly used wrapping method is a vinyl wrap. It serves as an excellent substitute for a paint job, which had its limitations when you need to change advertisements or rebrand.

Unlike advertisements such as billboards, which have recurring costs whenever you advertise, the use of car wraps is quite affordable. You can easily change your wrap whenever possible and for lower prices. With the use of vehicle wraps for advertising, you only need to use a small investment to have the wraps installed, and they will generate results for several years. The initial investment is quite low compared to other forms of advertisement.

Hard to miss

When you use vehicle wraps that are brightly colored and attractive, they make your company car stand out from other vehicles while on the road or in traffic. It works excellent in spreading your brand message, and it will work very well if used to launch a new product. People will be attracted to the message on a brightly colored moving billboard, which will generate sales.

Statistics from QAAA show that a quarter percentage of Americans visit a store after seeing advertisements on a vehicle. One car wrap generates over 30,000 views every day, making it an effective way of attracting leads. When in traffic, customers can take the website details or phone numbers from your advertisement, and call or visit the store later. About 30% of people will make their buying decisions based on ads they see on vehicles, which will boost the bottom line of your business.

Reaching a wider audience

You’ll potentially reach a larger audience depending on how far your vehicle travels and whether your business has a single car or a fleet of company vehicles. For example, in the US, a vehicle driven for 10,000 miles per year passes in front of 6 million other cars on the road. Now, imagine if that car is wrapped in an advertisement with your company logo on it. It will create brand awareness, boost brand visibility, and bring in more sales.

An amazing option for local advertising

Vehicle wraps marketing works even better when the market you’re targeting is from your local town. Although you can do it effectively at any scale, businesses that choose to use vehicle wraps as a form of marketing usually target local consumers. Moreover, there are only many places you can go to in a day before going back home. The people who are most likely to see your vehicle ads are the ones living around your area. Besides, using a local advertisement is a great marketing strategy for generating good leads.

With local businesses, using vehicle wraps provides that personal touch, letting prominent clients know you’re based locally. It leaves a good impression on residents knowing that you’re nearby whenever they need your products or services.

Active advertising

Most of the typical types of effective advertising methods are passive. Having a prominent web presence isn’t going to do you any good if you can’t reach many people. Social media platforms and websites posts rely on people knowing a company or a product exists before drawing any attention and having any impact. Your vehicle wrap can be the driving force to get potential clients to visit your business’ websites and pages.

It also works when you’re not driving the vehicle. Let’s say you’re parked for the day or the vehicle parks outside a customer’s residence during delivery. Your business is still advertising, and neighbors or residents who pass by and need the same product or service can take your details and call you later.

Non-aggressive form of advertising

Nowadays, people are paying to avoid seeing ads on their TVs because too often, advertising is too aggressive. At the end of a tiresome day, no one wants to sit through lots of loud commercials or deal with popups when trying to relax. Using vehicle wraps is a non-aggressive method of advertising, and it invites people to learn about the brand when they have time and if they are interested in what you have to offer. It works more of a suggestion than a forced encounter.

Car wraps can be a way of getting your brand name known in the community, and acting as a reminder without making people feel inconvenienced or irritated.

Protection for your vehicle

Vinyl vehicle wraps offer additional protection to your vehicle against small dents and scratches. Additionally, if fixed by professionals, it will be easy to remove the vehicle wraps without damaging the car’s paintwork. This means you can change the wraps when you want to rebrand or when you want to sell the vehicle.


Advertising using vehicle wraps is one of the most cost-effective and sophisticated ways of promoting the goods and services your company offers. Vehicle wraps help raise brand awareness and increase sales. Ensure that you work with professionals who will design creative and attention-grabbing wraps that will market your company for years. To get custom-made vinyl vehicle wraps, click here and request a quote from professionals.