How to Surprise Your Friend Remotely on His Next Birthday

Whether it’s the circumstances of COVID-19 or your friend happens to live far away, there’s no excuse to not make his birthday a special one. Celebrating a birthday remotely might seem a little awkward, but he would be grateful for the effort your put in despite you not being there physically.

In fact, as we’re facing these strange times, this year’s birthday celebration could be one of the few he truly remembers in his lifetime. But you might be scratching your head thinking about what to do for him.

Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll take a look at 4 ways you can surprise your friend remotely!

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Organizing a Virtual Birthday Party

Having a virtual birthday party requires some creativity, but definitely doable. You can start off by picking some ideas from Snack Nation. To really throw in that wow factor, you’ll need to get his family and other friends involved!

Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it is going to be bland. Encourage all the ‘guests’ to wear silly and ridiculous costumes, hang balloons and streamers by the doors, encourage a lot of singing and dancing, and last but not least, have him blow the candles on his cake on camera (this is why you need the family to be in on it)!


Send The Party to Him… in a Box

You heard that right… It takes a lot of time and effort to organize a virtual birthday party, and understandably difficult for some. The next best thing you can do is by surprising him with a birthday party box!

It’s essentially a box of his favorite things: cologne, novel, chocolates, gift cards, etc., that he would receive on his big day. You can customize the box yourself to add personality to it or use one of the many party-in-a-box services out there.

Honestly, it’s best to customize your own box. It indicates that you care about the things he likes and those things have never left your mind.


Snail Mail

Yes, the lost art of handwritten letters. Seeing how this form of communication is almost non-existent nowadays, I honestly think he would be more surprised to receive snail mail as compared to the previous two ideas.

Also, it’s cheap… but you wouldn’t want to tell him that.

Again, use as much creativity as you wish on these. If you’re good with art, include a sketch of the both of you or include an old picture of those school days. This might seem a little ‘feminine’ to some, but who cares because it’s 2020!

Compilation Video of All Your Friends

Get your circle of friends to send a personal birthday wish each, compile them alongside pictures and other old videos, put some music in it, and voila!

You’ve created something that all of you can rewatch until the day your hair starts to grey. To add some fun to the video, include a bit of banter and embarrassing moments of your friend (use due diligence!).