Can You Cure Aphantasia and is This a Treatable Diagnosis

If you are incapable of visualization things well, you, probably, might have such a mental condition as aphantasia. Want to know more about this unique phenomenon, what to do if your mind’s eye is blind, and can you cure aphantasia using mnemonic techniques? Let’s find out more about life without imagination right now.

The mental condition of your brain with the inability to visualize in your head the image of loved ones, book scenes, familiar faces, and even the simplest objects is known as aphantasia. The blind mind’s eye is considered a unique phenomenon and unusual mental function that can be really hard to explain even for the most experienced neuroscientists. However, experts in neuroscience believe that lack of imagination and poor visualization abilities may have a common neurophysiological basis. At the moment, thousands of people, suffering from such blindness, try to deal with it and find aphantasia cure. Unfortunately, seeking those features in the brain work that can cause the development of aphantasia doesn’t lead to successful uncovering the neurophysiological roots of this unusual problem and their understanding. So the question can you cure aphantasia remains unresolved today. To analyze your mind’s ability to create associations and visualizations is possible taking the simplest test.

Who needs aphantasia test quiz

If you have a certain picture when closing your eyes, it lasts for at least a couple of seconds without losing its shape, you do not feel suffering and exhaustion when you try to encode and recall it, and everything seems to be easy — you have developed imagination. Thus, you don’t need surfing the Internet in search of an answer if can you cure aphantasia. Moreover, you can even create a strategy for boosting your brainpower and memory skills. What such a plan can include:

  • mnemonic devices for expanding the mental capacity like the mind palace or image-name associations;
  • enhancing mental performance is possible through regular training of cognitive function, using innovative technologies and gamified software;
  • eliminating memory lapses and other issues that prevent successful learning processes is easier with self-organizing, appropriate time-management, and self-control.

Can you cure aphantasia is the question that worries many minds: people who have been diagnosed with such unique condition, neuroscientists who are curious about why in some people the brain works differently than in others, and for developers who work on the best possible technique for improving memory, concentration, and intelligence. A team of modern software creators deliver a solid solution to keep your mind constantly challenged. But if you have really nothing when you close your eyes, if you have never seen images, sceneries, the appearance of characters while reading books, you can’t keep objects even for a split second as they instantly transform or disappear, you probably have aphantasia.

How memory can be affected by blind eyes and lack of imagination

While there are some people experiencing aphantasia who report on poor memory and difficulties in studies, these issues are not true for everyone. The incapability of forming images doesn’t mean poor brain performance. With aphantasia, you still can draw, write music, and deal with other creative tasks involving the imagination and using fresh ideas. MemoryOS is an interactive eLearning gamified app for obtaining new skills, enhancing mental focus and productivity, and diversifying your strategy for memory improvement, suitable for all ages and educational goals.