Beautiful Portraits of Women With Flowers by Daniela Haubertová

Based in Czech Republic, Daniela Haubertová is a self-taught photographer who regards photography not as a job but just a hobby that she has passion for. “At the age of twenty-one, I bought my first digital SLR camera, and for several years I only photographed nature and animals. Only later did I get to photographing portraits, which I still do.” she states in her bio and adds, “I take photography as a way to relax, to realize my ideas and ideas.” Her focus is capturing women both in color and black and white, outdoors and indoors. She creates natural settings for her models and prefers shooting them without makeup and hair done properly. She is very good at adorning her models with various kind of flowers and capturing them in nature. As she says; “I like to work with people who are ready to take what they are in reality with people who are willing to leave the field of learned poses and do not take photography too seriously. I try to capture the beauty of every person in their nature, without layers of makeup or perfect hairstyle. I believe that beauty comes from within, and if the eye is attentive, it can capture it.” We stumbled upon Daniela’s impressive feed on Instagram and can’t get rid of photos since then. No matter you’re interested in this kind of photography or not, you’ll surely fall in love with her female portraits.

Photography is a dialogue. Mutual trust is important to me.

I like working with the moment, getting inspired by what the moment offers, trying to connect personality, place and coincidence, create a photo with a story.

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