Artist Uses Paper and Glue Only to Create an Effect of Oil Paintings

Based in the Debaniki district of Krakow, Poland, Albin Talik is an artist that is actually something else than what you might think at first glance. “My works are made from thousands of pieces of paper,” Mr. Talik explained. I’m trying to get the effect of oil painting with irregular brushstrokes. Completion of such an image takes me between one week and one month depending on the degree of complexity.” With enormous love towards his home city, the artist has done a collection of his works only to showcase its beauty using only paper and glue. It’s fascinating to think how much thinking and patience is needed for Talik to imagine the composition and make it look like an oil painting. Below, you will see more than just a hometown of Talik. We’ve chosen a few of his 70 X 100 cm paper paintings that we love also from other collections he had put out previously. If you enjoy what you see, make sure to visit Talik’s Instagram and Facebook for more.

Say hi to the Polish artist Albin Talik

“Rynek Dębnicki 2019”, 90×120 cm

For his ‘paper paintings,’ he uses only glue and paper

Rumination VI – 70X100

Each painting takes between one week and one month to be finished


‘Déjà Vu’

“Sunday”, 80×110 cm

“Villa Sylvan”, 73×92 cm

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