Artistic Embroidery by Katerina Marchenko

Moscow, Russia based Katerina Marchenko is a skillful artist who pours her creativity into embroidery. Inspired by haute couture, she hand-sews vivid colored threads in tulle and creates charming embroidered images of portraits, animals and other fashion designs. She also enjoys transfering famous oil paintings into framed embroideries intricately. “Embroidery is a meditative process which helps me to calm down and gather all my thoughts,” she says. With clever usage of color shading and harmony, she creates one of a kind pieces each of which has an artistic feature that you can’t take your eyes off. She now has 120k followers on Instagram and many of her embroideries were showcased in Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. She also organizes courses and workshops for the ones who want to embroider portraits, decorate their own products with hand embroidery. She explains as follows “3 years of teaching full-time classes, I can say that the only thing that prevents people from creatively developing is an internal unit. Repeating every time that they should not even try, in each attempt nothing happens, which is demotivating. That is why support is needed, to start a new thing alone is scary and difficult, this is an incredible responsibility towards yourself. That is why I will be with you from the earliest stages: from selecting the theme of embroidery to transferring to the product and promoting this product to Instagram. Passing through all these stages on my own, I would be happy if there was a person who was with me all my beginnings. But I did not have such a chance, but you have it.” Have a look at her handcrafted creations below.

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