Impressive Love Story Photography by Alejandra Salido

Alejandra Salido is a Madrid, Spain based photographer but she travels around the world very often on claim to capture weddings. Her interest for photography started in her childhood. As she says “I have always been very observant. Many will remember me as a little girl with a camera in one hand and a tape recorder in the other. This early hobby led me to want to dedicate myself professionally to photography.” She studied image for two years then she graduated from audiovisual communication. She loves her job and does it with great passion which can be seen on the photos she has taken. “I like to take natural photographs, to capture reality as it is. I believe that the only way to capture the essence of people in a photograph, is to go as unnoticed as possible and without forcing for poses. These are the photographs that really move you and move you in the future, to those special moments that you once lived.” she states on her blog. She prefers natural settings and captures your best moments as they are, it is very clear on her shots. If you are looking for a photographer with this taste, you must see Alejandra’s portfolio before making your last decision.

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