Art for Peace

We live in a society already corroded by violence and war, but I believe that art would contribute to a peaceful society. Art plays an instrumental role when you want to deal with your own everyday life and the monotony of life.

As a result of socio-cultural commitment, when you are the recipient of art, you find a common ground for communication with the environment. You get understood and you also try to understand the other person by experiencing the same work.

Of course, each of us perceives it differently, so it’s worth sharing your impressions with another person, which is another step to gain new experiences and deepen interpersonal relationships.

A Path towards Peace

Art allows people to release emotions and be happy. The desire to experience these feelings, experiences or empathic understanding of the creator and emotions that guided him during the creation of a given work encourages the recipient to learn and reach for subsequent works.

If this happens and the recipient thinks about the work, it can be considered that the creator has fulfilled his role. That is why communing with art and learning about it plays a key role in the emotional development of man, because it promotes the formation of empathy and sensitivity, as well as experiencing feelings and experiences, and indirectly influences the formation of the social sphere.

What’s more, experiencing art helps you cope with difficult situations and is essential to understanding yourself. Also, it is worth adding that the richness of the environment affects creativity. Communing with art is an opportunity to learn and discover new products, and reaching for it awakens the imagination, forces you to think, and thus develops creativity and encourages creativity.

In Terms Of Culture

Conceptually, culture is the collection of customs and traditions of a society that people learn and adapt to in their daily lives. On the other hand, art takes its place within the culture as a source of development of critical judgment in the subject. Only you can decide how to makes use of your abilities within society.

Now, looking for the application of art in the community, different ways of thinking and acting are reflected in the tastes, the way of dress, food, beliefs and ideologies, all kinds of human manifestation that derive from cultural diversity.

These differences in culture cause conflicts in society. But art acts as a fundamental pillar for the construction of a society and a culture of peace. Of course, art is fundamental and necessary for each one of us as individuals, besides, art contributes to the construction of a better society, especially encouraging new generations to take paths away from vices, violence, and drugs.

Bottom Line

Art shows the beauty possible and that we can all do together. Life itself can be transformed into a work of art, as an aesthetic of existence.

It is hard to deny that the multitude of advantages that arise from interacting with art like Prem Rawat, an ambassador of peace says is significant for human development. The construction of peace is a task for everyone and begins with the personal will of each one to achieve it.

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