The Complete Guide on How to to Get More Youtube Views for Your Content

YouTube is the most-known widely used social media channel to promote, educate and entertain the audience through visual content. It has more than 2 billion monthly logged-in users and the average duration of the video session is just under 40 minutes.

People on the internet like YouTube a lot. And they should as it is the number 1 social media channel beating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

YouTube is constantly evolving and changing. Long gone are those times when there used to be funny cat videos all over YouTube. Today, YouTube is a potential money-making channel for marketers and entrepreneurs.

More than 1 billion videos on YouTube are watched every day. Surprisingly, the watch time is even more than Facebook and Netflix combined.

When used correctly, YouTube is a powerful marketing and business tool for promoting company-related videos and visual content.

Let’s quickly move forward to the complete guide on ‘How to Get More YouTube Views on your channel’.

Complete Guide on How to Get More YouTube Views for Your Content

So, how do you promote more views on your YouTube channel?

Take A Look at All the Fundamentals

First of all, you need to ensure that all the YouTube basics are up to the mark. Make sure you have marked a ‘tick’ on all the boxes. Basic considerations include:

  • Informative About section.
  • A visual identity such as your channel icon for your YouTube channel.
  • Updated and current contact information. This is to ensure that potential customers or brand reach you easily in the future.

Get Ruthlessly Selective and Precise About Your Niche and Goals

We all want actionable tricks that give us results right away but no matter how academic it might sound, successful YouTubes never miss this step. The content about your niche or your goal would get you the likes you want on your videos.

You must be focused only on the audience for whom you are curating content. The biggest strength you could have is to present a unique angle on the industry or your goals. In short, the key to getting more views is specificity.

Curate Compelling and Out-Of-The-Box Content

The ads or hacks would not matter if your videos are not worth watching. But what is the best way to create compelling videos for your audience? The most attractive way in my eyes is to create or add ‘how to’ videos on your channel.

Identify what your subscribers or your customers want to know the most. It’s the truest way to build a loyal base of fans for yourself on YouTube.

Improve YouTube Video Search Rankings

Did you now that YouTube is considered as a search engine as well? One of the top strategies to getting more views is to enhance your presence there or to optimize your videos for higher rankings.

Ideally, you want your video to be on the top whenever a person types a keyword. For that, you must know what users are looking for. Are they looking for testimonials? Tutorials? Guides? Or just content for entertainment?

Encourage Current Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

Retaining current viewers is a powerful way to increase YouTube views. Encourage them all to subscribe to your channel. More subscribers mean an increased number of views on each video that you release.

Utilize Metadata to Get Your Videos Recommended by Youtube

If your utmost goal is to increase YouTube videos, take cues from the popular videos in your industry. Start from the channel’s video library and search for top or popular videos. YouTube algorithm is responsible for playing video after video that seems relevant for the audience.

YouTube recommends videos from the same channel, the ones with many likes and content that a person might like, based on his searching and watching history.

Moreover, it also shows videos with the same titles, tags, descriptions- in short, metadata.

But do not just copy and paste the metadata. People do not like to watch the same videos again and again. Instead, raise a question or an interesting topic relevant to that video.

Use Custom Thumbnails to Increase Your Views

People on YouTube are always in discovery mode. They skim through most viewed videos and recommendations like a pro. However, through thumbnails do they decide the videos they want to watch.

A thumbnail is a small accurate description that tells viewers what is in the video so that your watch time does not go down. Do not try to add fake information on the thumbnail or else your watch time would go down and the YouTube algorithm hates that.

But how do you create a thumbnail that leads people to open and watch your videos? Its pretty simple. Just keep a minimalistic voice and pick a bright color if your niche is all full of shrills.

Double Your Views by Creating Playlists

Organizing your content is the best way to stop viewers from switching to another channel. YouTube has the same algorithm as Netflix. Once one playlist ends, one begins just after it.

Moreover, creating playlists helps your subscribers and viewers to watch what they want to, next.

Do Not Forget to Add Watermark on Your Videos

Watermarks allow you to increase YouTube views and gain more subscribers. While some brands use their logos, you can even select an image to have appeared in all your videos if you are a YouTube vlogger.

When the watchers hover their pointers on the watermark, it automatically prompts them to subscribe to your channel.

Buy YouTube Views

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