Amazing Food Photography in Rustic Style by Sonali Ghosh

Sydney, Australia based Sonali Ghosh quitted her career in the banking industry and followed her passion for baking and cooking. She creates recipes and styles and photographs food geniusly. Sugar et al is her blog which means an outlet for her creativity as she shares her love for food, photography, colors and all things beautiful and creative, there. Her blog covers sweet recipes that focus on the different flavors, textures and visual aspect of food. You may come across indulgent recipes and gluten free, low fat, healthy recipes as well. “The sweet treats I make today are very different from the ones that I grew up eating though I largely draw the inspiration from my childhood favourites. I grew up in the city of Kolkata, India a place known for it’s fascinating share of Indian delicacies and gorgeous sweets. I don’t know when and how I fell in love with baking because baking was not all that popular in India at that time, not even today. I do remember however how much I was in awe of the little round portable oven in my house and would skip my time with friends to help my Mom. Years of reading cookbooks, watching videos on YouTube and practice helped me feed this passion and today, baking is what I enjoy the most.” she tells her story, adding that; “My Photography is self taught and I am learning something new everyday. I love plating up and styling food and most definitely ‘eat with my eyes’ first. My style is rustic along with the usage of plenty of bold colors.” What began as a humble effort to share recipes and her constant experiments in the kitchen soon turned into a full time food photography venture. Her work has been published globally across a range of media including magazines, cookbooks and advertising. She loves partnering with brands and businesses to create visually stunning content. Below we showcase some of her charming food photography examples each of which will please your artistic side. Just scroll down to see them.