Inspiring Blogger Shares the Most Creative Examples of Vintage Style

German Shirin Altsohn describes herself as a vintage soul, daydreamer, artist and fashion chame. She is a vintage blogger on Instagram and a content creator on Youtube. She likes combining her different passions for photography, videography, modeling and vintage on both platforms. She uses the nickname “Shirinatra” and she explains how she’s generated this as follows; “The nickname Shirinatra is a composition of my first name Shirin and the last name of my favorite musician Frank Sinatra. It shows my passion and love for Vintage. Over the last 1 1/2 years it etablished as my brand and artist name.”, and she also adds; “Shirinatra gives me the opportunity to share my Vintage inspired Lifestyle and my love for Vintage Fashion & Beauty. I like to share everything from Vintage Hair tutorials to Vintage Fashion Lookbooks, from Beauty Tips and Tricks of different eras to Vintage Makeup. But that’s not everything. It’s important for me to talk about real life struggles, mental health issues and get in close contact with my community on both of my platforms. I want to inspire, support and motivate people on both sides – the way they dress and the way they feel!” Shirinatra became a community of over 263k people on Instagram and over 123k on YouTube. She has an extraordinary feed and taste for styling and fashion, that’s why we desired to share some of her photos with you. Here you can browse them. Get inspired!