Airplane Stunningly Designed to Look Like an Apartment

There is a new standard regarding mobile houses. Forget all about the “house on wheels”, here comes the house with wings. People from KLM airline company, transformed one of their planes into a modern apartment. Everyone who has ever traveled via planes is probably wondering “how is that possible, there is no space in an airplane for an apartment.” But these designers proved that for the creative mind, there are no limits. They used the whole cabin in the most creative and playful fashion, and created the warm and friendly home. They found a place for a king sized bed, a dining table, a bookshelf, a sofa and all the other house essentials you can think of. Unfortunately, this is only temporary because it was designed for a contest, and after that, this plane-house is going to be redesigned into a functioning airplane. But nevertheless, this was an amazing project that went pretty well and, who knows, maybe this will inspire some creative designers to actually create house with wings. You can see photographs of this amazing project here bellow, enjoy. And also you can check Platform lift from thyssenkrupp.









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